Helping you Succeed


Field Service

Field Service Engineers from the Biotech industry that know what what your needs are. Helpful and concerned for the customers needs.


Professional Installation

Let us install your device and train the customer for you. This frees up your resources to do other things.


Customer service today!

Many customers complain of not having any support after hours. This is very true for customers in California trying to contact European suppliers. Eight hour time difference can strain customer relations.

In Lab Service

Scheduled visits

We offer a routine service visits. This is ideal for labs with no technical abilities. Contact us for what can be done during these visits.

Asset Management

Get control of your labrotory assets. Know what you have, how much it costs, and when service/calibration is needed. Coming Soon! Check back in the New Year.

On-Call service

Sometimes a machine just needs a little oil. Things break or stop working for no apparent reson. Most of the time. They just need something minor to get them running again.